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He was left bleeding and begging for his life on the floor over his gold chain. He spent an afternoon in jail and received counseling.

He was left bleeding and begging for his life on the floor over his gold chain. He spent an afternoon in jail and received counseling.

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Instead, everyone should do his or her own part to prevent teenagers from any actions that could endanger others.

When a teenager commits a violent crime, the community should not only consider the damage the crime did, but also look deeper into the cause of it.

My freshman year of school was the most memorable of my life, but not because of education or meeting new friends.

I had to go through two metal detectors every morning.

I’ve seen kids mug and assault others and get out of jail the next day. Then politicians wonder why our country has a problem with crime.

Simply, there needs to be severe consequences for criminal actions.No one would want to hire that person because of his record and he would never get a chance to live to the best of his ability.We need a happy medium, like let’s toughen juvenile detention centers and make kids fear the system.A human being only has one life to live, it would be a waste if our children of today who are the futures of tomorrow were deprived of a second chance to not only redeem themselves but also turn their lives around. The fact that it isn’t specific enough on what they want to crack down is too risky and not worth the time and money the government is asking for. He stole things from homes and most likely shot at some people (that’s something that he will never tell me).Without Proposition 21 a judge can consider the circumstances when deciding whether to try a child who is accused of a home invasion robbery as an adult. Well, I don’t really know what happened when he decided to get out but he was around 17 and had to hide at a relative’s house for about a year to get out.Who knows, the parents of these teenagers from the Trench Coat Mafia could have taught these kids to be racist or prejudiced, leading them to the killing rage.Maybe the parents should have taken a closer look at their kids.Now I feel a child at the age of 12 or 13 who commits a hideous crime needs more help than to be locked up. By the age of 15 or 16 kids are doing drugs, having sex and some more unspeakable acts. When they commit a crime we say they might need help.After years of living in a violent society, frankly I’m tired of forgiveness. John Adams High School was the third most violent high school in New York City.One thing stands out in my mind: A child was slashed from ear to ear.


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