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For example, let's say that you use your imagination to recreate a funny experience that actually happened to you, or maybe you make up an exciting story about some swashbuckling pirates. Although any type of writing where the writer comes up with new stories or ideas can be considered creative writing, most creative writing is fiction.Fiction stories are those that are made up and created from the author's imagination.

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Creative writing is an important skill that all students should practice. Creative writing is a type of art, and that's why it's hard to define exactly.

This lesson will explore the definition of creative writing as well as some tips and practices to strengthen your creative writing skills. Most people agree that creative writing is writing where the author uses his or her imagination to make a story.

Despite your child’s natural proclivities, creative writing is an important skill to develop.

Creative writing fosters a child’s imagination, teaches them to express ideas clearly and helps them develop confidence.

When writing creatively, you may also write a rhyming poem, a script for a play, or maybe an entry in a personal journal.

The possibilities are endless when you use your imagination!

When writing creatively, here are some things to consider.

To start, write about something that you can make up details for from your imagination. That takes writing skills, but it's not creative writing because you can not make up facts about polar bears. Imagine if you made up steps and details about changing a tire! You also want to make sure you know what type of creative writing you are doing. Remember, writing is creative as long as you are making something new, so use that brain of yours and don't be afraid to take a risk.

Members of the public are welcome to make contributions to the Nancy Corson Creative Writing Fund, which is managed by the Library.

In past years, the Nancy Corson Creative Writing Fund has made an annual writing contest possible.


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