Cover Letter For Research Proposal

Grant Writers work for nonprofit organizations and are in charge with securing funds by preparing grant proposals.

Form-by-form, field-by-field instructions for completing your application may be found on the How to Apply - Application Guide page under the blue header for Form Instructions.

Use these instructions in conjunction with the guidance in the funding opportunity announcement (including the Related Notices section of the announcement) to develop your application.

For example, a project that by its nature is not innovative may be essential to advance a field. Does the project address an important problem or a critical barrier to progress in the field?

Is there a strong scientific premise for the project?

Scored Review Criteria Reviewers will consider each of the review criteria below in the determination of scientific and technical merit, and give a separate score for each.

An application does not need to be strong in all categories to be judged likely to have major scientific impact.

Consider the following highlights of my qualifications: With my record of success in writing and securing grants within the nonprofit sector, complemented by my passion for the environment and my dedication to achieving results, I will certainly surpass your expectations for this role.

I look forward to discussing the position, and your organization’s needs, in further detail.

If the aims of the project are achieved, how will scientific knowledge, technical capability, and/or clinical practice be improved?

How will successful completion of the aims change the concepts, methods, technologies, treatments, services, or preventative interventions that drive this field? Are the PD/PIs, collaborators, and other researchers well suited to the project?


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