Consuming Life Thesis

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– Keith Previously you couldn’t abuse children in business like this.

It’s incredible that Finland is a major player in this immoral practice.

Indeed, Internet-related scholarship typically emphasises the intangible and intellectual nature of online activity, postulating a break with traditional models instead of seeking continuity with them.

New economy, digital economy, prosumers, peer production, long tail and tuángòu are some of the recently developed notions used to describe economy and exchange on the Internet (e.g., Castells 2000; Tapscott & Williams 2006; Anderson 2006; Montlake 2007).

What was previously the obscure hobby of a few Internet-savvy youth, is now a topic of discussion among parents, in mainstream media, and among regulators.

The virtual consumers themselves were probably never very introspective about their spending behaviour, nor did they feel a need to: in a way, they were acting like the “homo economicus”, making rational choices based on their preferences, however outlandish those preferences may have seemed to others.On the contrary, the first sites of virtual consumption might even have thrived in their impenetrability, like subcultures of earlier decades.But the outsiders, the parents, the media and the regulators, became interested in this new phenomenon that seems to have taken over their dependents, and are keen on presenting their views on it – or passing judgement, as the case often is.Many of the typical views on virtual consumption that one encounters in the mainstream discussions are summarised in the quotes below.The quotes are taken from readers’ comments to an article related to virtual consumption published in the online version of the Finnish newpaper Helsingin Sanomat on March 23, 2008.This study is intended to be the first thorough sociological analysis of this new mode of consumption, which is termed virtual consumption.The study of virtual consumption is relevant and topical to social scientists for several reasons: Firstly, it seems to be an archetype of the so-called “dematerialisation” of consumption, which has become a prevailing topic in the sociology of consumption.They are contrasted with the materialist, dumb, inflexible or even destructive nature of traditional consumption.However, even with regard to traditional consumption, materialistic and processual explanations are not always appropriate.The dissertation is positioned in the sociology of consumption and also addresses recent streams of scholarship on ICT and society.In popular discourse, spending real money on virtual goods is frequently attributed to Internet addiction and manipulation by marketers.


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