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We accept applications once a year, for entrance in the following autumn quarter.

Also, it is acceptable to get recommendations from both your undergrad and graduate programs (internships/summer jobs/research labs are other good sources for these).

Fellowships Requiring Faculty Nominations: These fellowships come from a wide variety of sources and are applicable to students at various stages in their careers: beginning, n-th year, and postdoc. Although you cannot apply for these directly, it can still be helpful to know about them so that you can discuss them with your advisor, if you wish.

For me, working on computer code is my way of being creative, since I find it difficult to be creative in more common ways such as drawing.

Every time I write a piece of computer code, I get the feeling I have created a piece of art and reading computer code, to me, feels like looking at a piece of art.

In this section you will find the information you need to complete an application to our program, including prerequisites, required application materials, deadlines, and answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from prospective students. After this period and depending upon the availability of funds, students who continue to make good academic progress will be funded through graduation.

This event provides an opportunity for applicants to meet with faculty, get to know their prospective colleagues, and experience the Seattle area’s quality of life. program must submit their application using the University of Washington’s online Graduate School application. APPLY NOW All students admitted to the Allen School Ph. program are guaranteed funding for 3 years in the form of a research assistantship, teaching assistantship or fellowship.A variable number of Research Assistantships are available each year through faculty member’s research grants.In addition, Teaching Assistantships for undergraduate courses and some graduate courses are also available; a minimum of at least two quarters of teaching duty is required to graduate from the program.In May 2016, I have finished my high school diploma at the [University name] in Italy and received the Diploma from the [Institute name].My diploma is mainly aimed at mathematics and the sciences.This week of work experience was very useful as it enabled me to deepen my understanding of computer science.It was an excellent opportunity to gain work experience in my chosen field of computer science.While motivation letters are usually a staple of study programmes in fields like Humanities, Law, Social Sciences or Arts, the need to emphasise the willpower and enthusiasm towards a technical subject should not be underestimated.We offer below an example of a motivational letter written by a high school graduate from Italy for a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering at a university in the Netherlands.No application for this extended funding is required.All or most of the cost of tuition is covered by the assistantship or fellowship.


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