Comparison Essay Between Two Characters

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Make sure to explain how and why the quote demonstrates a key similarity or difference, and what that means for your bigger argument.Don’t just list differences and similarities without an overarching argument.

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It’s a lifesaver when gathering relevant quotes for an essay! ” We are focusing on these specific pairings because they are by far the most commonly asked about pairs in essay prompts and discussion topics for .

) Before we dig into the analysis, you might be wondering: “why are we only comparing characters of the same gender? And we want this guide, first and foremost, to be helpful to students as you work on assignments involving Gatsby!

Daisy is miles above Gatsby in terms of social class.

Jordan and Nick are of the same social status, but Jordan doesn't seem free to make her own decisions since an aunt controls her financial life.

We’ll go over some basic dos and don’ts for writing compare/contrast essays before diving into some analysis of the most asked-about character pairings.

Keep reading if you have a Compare/Contrast assignment on the horizon!

That’s not to say you couldn’t also explore some of those themes by comparing, say, Jordan and George, or Daisy and Gatsby, but cross-gender compare/contrast essays can be challenging because the status of women and men is so different in the novel.

If you are interested in seeing how a particular male and female character are paired, you may be better off studying them through the lens of love, desire, and relationships in the novel, or through the way they relate to one of the novel's symbols or motifs.

There is a significant passion gap between Gatsby and Nick as well.

Gatsby obsesses over Daisy - he has thought of nothing else for five years, going as far as to buy a house across the bay from her just in case she notices.


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