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Each person sits the same distance from the center as we listen to my little sister’s attempt at hopscotch from earlier that day with as much interest as my Dad’s stories about his patient with Atherosclerosis. Before I could even walk, my parents instilled in me a love for history.And thanks to their passion for travel, much of my early education was experiential.

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In short, you need to talk crap about your ex but still be really nice about it. Some students want to transfer because they had a plan and it worked out, and some students transfer because they had a plan that did not work out.

And given the great variety of reasons for students transferring--from military deployment, moving from community college to a university, to simply not vibing with a particular school--it may seem impossible to create a method that can work for everyone. And, as with all my other resources, take this is not IMPORTANT: The key to presenting each of these qualities isn’t just in WHAT you say (your content), but in HOW you say it (your approach).

What follows is a paragraph-by-paragraph breakdown of what to do and how to do it, followed by a great example personal statement—and yes, I’m suggesting you focus on establishing one quality per paragraph.

Here’s your greatest ally is in this situation: concrete, specific reasons. Provide specific evidence demonstrating how your expectations were or weren’t met. Just outline your plan, then show how you rocked that plan—maybe even throw in something bonus that happened (and I even did it while keeping a full-time job! But whether your expectations were met or not, you MUST give specifics to support your points. Examples: Just to clarify: You don’t have to act like you had it all figured out before you got to your first school. Consider including an a-ha moment (one in which you discovered something about yourself)Template for this: Someone once said, “We don’t recognize our home until we lose it,” and the same was true for me. (Note that if your expectations were met--if, in other words, this first school was all part of the plan--this is your chance to brag about all the cool stuff you’ve done! Some examples of making the best of your experience at a school you’re about to leave: You get the idea. The problem is that cosmetics are often objects of desire--we want to be pampered and we crave a luxurious experience--and packaging reflects these consumer instincts.

In the example above, for example, it wouldn’t be enough to say, “Unfortunately, DCU wasn’t all it was cracked up to be…”Why? Not until I moved 620 miles away to X school did I realize that Y school—which had been in my backyard all along, just 20 minutes from the church I was baptized in, the grandmother who raised me, and the one I love most in this world dog (my dog, Max)—was home after all. And by the way: if you don’t get 100% specific here with your desires, don’t worry--you’ll have a chance in two paragraphs. What you’re trying to do here: Show the reader you’re not the kind of person that just rolls over when confronted with adversity or goes in the corner and pouts when you don’t get what you want. How did you make the best of a just-okay situation while you were waiting (or before you decided) to fill out your transfer application? What you’re trying to do here: Paint the Big Picture—the vision for your life, or a dream job. My dream is to rally college communities nation-wide in a drive to reduce packaging waste.


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