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Or maybe these families do see that connection; they just don’t care.And they’d rather have poorer students without a lifetime of access to top-shelf educational resources fall through the cracks than go without themselves.

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(Like some other mid- to upper-tier schools, mine was “need-sensitive,” meaning that admissions might factor a student’s ability to pay during down-to-the-wire acceptance decisions.) Three years later, when I graduated, I was happy to encourage other students to follow in my footsteps.

But by the time my contract was up and I’d helped assemble the next year’s class — not only seeing how the sausage was made, but sticking my hands right there in the meaty mess of it — I was deeply disillusioned about my college, the liberal arts, and, frankly, the entire US education system at large.

So whenever another college admissions scandal blows through the news — as it has this week, with the exposure of a massive college admissions scam involving celebrities and CEOs cheating and bribing their way into admissions acceptances for their children — I think about my brief stint as a college admissions counselor and am filled with rage and sadness anew.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Andrew Lelling, US attorney for Massachusetts, told reporters that this time around, "We're not talking about donating a building …

For instance, a student, performing well in school, will not want to be accused of cheating, therefore he will avoid contact with the cheater as much a possible.

In addition, a cheater will become less popular if seen cheating by a peer because cheating is not “cool”.

we're talking about fraud,” which elicited plenty of scathing remarks across the internet.

Because, as Adam Serwer of the Atlantic tweeted, it’s apparently of vital importance “that rich people buy their way into the Ivy League the old fashioned way.”It isn’t news that the wealthy hold undue influence over the college admissions process.

I started working as an admissions associate around the same time as the first Supreme Court ruling in Fisher v.

When affirmative action debates were reaching fever pitch, many of the parents I spoke with trying to get their students into elite institutions were convinced that their son or daughter would be denied admission to a top school because of their whiteness.


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