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Christian Worldview Essay-53
This volume is a celebration of the philosophical work of Keith Yandell.

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Religious exclusivism is opposed to religious pluralism (leaving aside inclusivism, which is recognized in some typologies).

Pluralism in this volume tends to be portrayed as the view that all religions are equally true, or as Netland characterizes it in his chapter, which is on religious pluralism, it is the "view that all of the major religions are (roughly) equally true and provide equally legitimate ways in which to respond to the one divine reality" (30).

Such a new direction, informed by Christian theology, Peterson believes will help to confirm the Christian worldview.

Paul Copan examines naturalism, which is a worldview as much as Christian theism or the worldviews of other religions, and argues that theism has a greater explanatory power than naturalism regarding consciousness, moral value, and more.

Although only four of the essays draw upon Yandell's works, all or nearly all, and some more than others, are in the spirit of his philosophical approach in the issues they treat and the method of their treatment.

The first essay is by Yandell himself and asks, "Is Philosophy of Religion Possible?

That is, if we take something to be true, we will, logically, take its denial to be false, and as well all other claims that are incompatible with it. But this means, religious exclusivists point out, that if we take the claims of our religion to be true, then we must take the claims of other religions that are incompatible with the claims of our religion to be false.

The claims, or doctrines, of a religion cluster into that religion's worldview, we may say.

But of course if our religion is, say, Christianity its doctrines will deny central doctrines or beliefs of Judaism (Jesus of Nazareth is not the Son of God) and Islam (Muhammad's message supplants the Christian message) and, furthermore, our form of Christianity may be incompatible with other forms, depending on the specificity of the doctrines that fill in our worldview.

Do Protestantism and Catholicism have different worldviews by virtue of their different beliefs about papal infallibility?


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