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Among the freedoms that the Revolution of 1968 sought to fight for was this all-out sexual freedom, one which no longer conceded any norms.

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That is why sex films were no longer allowed on airplanes because violence would break out among the small community of passengers.

And since the clothing of that time equally provoked aggression, school principals also made attempts at introducing school uniforms with a view to facilitating a climate of learning.

I still remember seeing, as I was walking through the city of Regensburg one day, crowds of people lining up in front of a large cinema, something we had previously only seen in times of war, when some special allocation was to be hoped for.

I also remember arriving in the city on Good Friday in the year 1970 and seeing all the billboards plastered up with a large poster of two completely naked people in a close embrace.

It was necessary to send out a strong message, and seek out a new beginning, so to make the Church again truly credible as a light among peoples and as a force in service against the powers of destruction.

Since I myself had served in a position of responsibility as shepherd of the Church at the time of the public outbreak of the crisis, and during the run-up to it, I had to ask myself – even though, as emeritus, I am no longer directly responsible – what I could contribute to a new beginning.I try to show that in the 1960s an egregious event occurred, on a scale unprecedented in history.It could be said that in the 20 years from 1960 to 1980, the previously normative standards regarding sexuality collapsed entirely, and a new normalcy arose that has by now been the subject of laborious attempts at disruption. (1) The matter begins with the state-prescribed and supported introduction of children and youths into the nature of sexuality. (Käte) Strobel, had a film made in which everything that had previously not been allowed to be shown publicly, including sexual intercourse, was now shown for the purpose of education." This is happening because child molesters are being let off too easy!In this speech I am going to convince you that we need tougher penalties on child molesters!I still remember how the Jesuit faculty in Frankfurt trained a highly gifted young Father (Bruno Schüller) with the purpose of developing a morality based entirely on Scripture.Father Schüller’s beautiful dissertation shows a first step towards building a morality based on Scripture.(2) At the same time, independently of this development, Catholic moral theology suffered a collapse that rendered the Church defenseless against these changes in society.I will try to outline briefly the trajectory of this development.In fact the book Child Abuse: an american epidemic says "only 28% of child molestors are strangers." Most of the time the abuser is the money maker in the family and the child fears that if the molestor gets taken away that they will have nothing. Pope Emeritus XVI has published a long essay, divided in three parts, shedding light on his view of roots for the sexual abuse crisis in the Church.


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