Chemistry Lab Report

Chemistry Lab Report-88
In this experiment, different metals were tested for their reactivity.

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Metals will give up electrons to become positively charged ions, called cations. Nonmetals will accept electrons to become negatively charged ions, called anions. Metals higher on the activity series are more likely to reacts relative to those lower on the activity series.

The activity series can be used to predict products of reactions, and to predict if a reaction will even occur.

Last meeting and Lab Final Exam, *MIT Open Course Ware Creative Commons license. The preferred page layout for lab report submission has the body of your.

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Discussion & Conclusion The main outcome from this experiment was the creation of an activity series.

As shown above, the metals, in order of ease of reactivity, are calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, tin, then copper.

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Post-lab questions: Calcium should be the most reactive with water.

Our unknown was this color and one of our group members observed a fruity smell when she opened the bottle.


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