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Thank you for your attention.” Jane snapped a picture of it and emailed it along. And then I need you to get him into USC, and then I need you to cure cancer and make peace in the Middle East.” Then she forked over ,000 of a promised ,000 to Singer’s Key Worldwide Foundation and waited for her son to get into the University of Southern California. A few miles north, at the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, there was the name of the respected entrepreneur father, Devin Sloane, who paid a bribe for his son Matteo to be designated as a water polo recruit for USC.She knew she was acting bananas and tried to laugh it off. Over in Hancock Park, at the Marlborough school, Jack Buckingham’s friend saw father, Morrie Tobin, exposed as both a participant in the scheme and the guy who ratted it out to the FBI.Buckingham had hired Rick Singer to shepherd them through the college application process.

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Thanks to a provision for students with learning disabilities, and two alleged Singer coconspirators in Houston—master test taker Mark Riddell and test administrator Niki Williams—Jack would be able to “take” the ACT from the comfort of his own home while awaiting a tonsillectomy.

Riddell, as Jane knew, would take the test—and score brilliantly.

Most importantly, like many others, we only used Mr.

Singer for his legitimate college counseling services.” Werdesheim later reportedly brought both Singer and Rosenbloom in as minority shareholders in the Welsh football team Swansea. In fall 2017, one of Werdesheim’s employees, Valerie Yang, facilitated one of the whopping payments made to elite institutions by two Chinese families.

The Guo family is not, and has never been, a client of Oppenheimer.” Guo’s lawyer has said the family believed the money was a legitimate charitable donation.

Werdesheim became more intimate with Singer, folding him into his charity.In 2004, he started the Summa Group’s Children’s Foundation as a way for his employees to “think about giving back,” according to its website.A few years later, his two kids began attending the prestigious Buckley School. Background photographs by Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group, Daniel Slim/AFP, Maureen Sullivan, Craig Warga/Bloomberg, all from Getty Images. After all, she was the model for a responsible, successful, hip 21st-century parent. Photo Illustration by Sean Mc Cabe; Photographs by Scott Eisen (Singer), Scott Eisen/Bloomberg (Buckingham, Huffman), Pat Greenhouse/ The Boston Globe (Loughlin), all from Getty Images.the sort to fixate unreasonably on a degree from Georgetown or USC. They were pillars of the community at their children’s private schools.In a world dictated by status symbols, having “a kid at Yale” was the Holy Grail, the ultimate proof of a life worth envying—even if their kid was only interested in plugging products on Instagram. They talked about “doing good” and “giving back.” Their kids were friends with one another on social media, a tribute to their own social significance.Guo “wished to make a ‘donation’ to ‘one of those top schools’ for his daughter’s ‘application.’ ” According to Guo’s lawyer, Singer chose Yale, where he had a connection in women’s soccer coach Rudy Meredith.Singer created a fake athletic profile for Guo, claiming that she was cocaptain of a Southern California club soccer team.(Those children’s first names that have not appeared elsewhere have been changed.) But their fates diverge: Two got caught; two have come away unscathed—so far—despite dubious entanglements; and one exposed it all, for a reason no more noble than to save his own skin.Singer had been in the college counseling business in some fashion for two decades.


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