Changes In The Education System Essay

Education has kept changing due to the need by the stakeholders to address the changing national and global needs with regard to available growth opportunities.This essay details changes in education, that is, the trends, the causes and the challenges to the process.

The significance of education has become common knowledge.

There is an agreement among scholars that education has been changing over the years with the recent times seeing rapid changes in the sector.

Therefore, education system shall be considerate seriously.

In "What Our Education System Needs is More F's", Carl Singleton suggests that our education system need to be improved by failing students.

Singleton insights that school doesn't want to take their responsibilities to fail students because th...

Education is considered by many as a very important tool in the growth of national and global economies.Changes in education range from simple and less costly approaches to costly and time consuming revolutions.Informal educational systems have been replaced over time with modern learning facilities with well trained trainers.Changes in education have had both successes and challenges.According to Nation (2013), the successes in changes in education relate to the ability to produce skilled personnel that meet employer requirements whereas the challenges entail high costs that are incurred in developing new systems.Changes in curriculum as well as methods of teaching need to be revised each and every year.With this idea came the idea of the Common Core State Standard which is currently being adopted by forty-four out of fifty states in the United States.Corruption has become a major challenge in implementation of changes in education across the globe.Recent times have seen levels of corruption and other vices rise thereby hindering growth and advancements in education in most nations around the globe.He also mentioned that the grade F would pull the parents' attention to their children's education, and makes the school boards and principals aware of the degradation of the education system.Finally, Singleton proposes that all teachers should respect the standard grading line in order to keep the education system in a good shape.


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