Cause And Effect Essay On Bullying

Japan's national sport, sumo, has received some unwanted media attention due to a shocking event.

A stable boss hit a young wrestler with a beer bottle, then other wrestlers beat and kicked him. In sumo and other professional sports, there is too much competition with money at stake.

I believe that everyone must have equal rights to receive education.

Children need to be able to relax and sleep soundly. They need to communicate with their parents and teachers.

Others may be worried about disappointing friends or family members. So if teachers and parents communicate with children, they may be able to protect them from bullying or its ill effects.

Yet others may feel unwanted, unloved, victimized, or as if they are a burden on others (Oki, 1998, pp. Teachers and parents should take the initiative and communicate with all of their children to sound them out about any problems they may have.Sometimes it involves direct attacks such as hitting, name-calling, teasing or taunting.Often parents and teachers dismiss bullying among kids as a normal part of growing up, but bullying is harmful.Recent Cases of Bullying in Japan Electronic bullying has become a problem recently, such as insulting messages identifying individuals on Internet bulletin board systems or utilizing the mobile phones that are ubiquitous among young people in Japan.In the past, most bullying took place at school, so when kids got home they could find sanctuary.Others even consider suicide, so the effects of bullying last a lifetime.Data on Bullying in Japan According to a survey of 464 junior high school students in Japan, "Have you ever experienced bullying?" was asked, and unfortunately about 190 students had been bullied before. " was also asked, and 198 students answered "Yes" (Morita, 1999, pp. In another survey, "If you are bullied, will you depend on your teacher or parents?" was asked, and most of the students answered "No" (Oki, 1998, p. Most of these students do not trust in parents and teachers, thinking the latter are very busy.As a result, many parents and teachers are not aware of bullying.But if they dismiss the problem or do not care about it, I think it shows a lack of communication with children.


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