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Although there is ample evidence to support the value of clinical pharmacy services in many different practice settings, a common stumbling block is the ability (or inability) to translate or generalize the evidence in the literature to a practice site and to develop the business case to convince financial decision makers to support such services.How to Develop a Business Plan for Pharmacy Services will assist pharmacy clinicians, managers, and leaders to explore, research, propose, and implement new services and enhance existing services by providing a systematic approach to the business planning process.

The materials presented are applicable to pharmacy services in hospitals, community practice, managed care organizations, ambulatory clinics, and elsewhere.

The book is also useful as a teaching tool in the classroom environment.

We are here to provide you with the tools and resources you need to plan for the successful startup of your own pharmacy.

The freedom and responsibility that come with owning and managing your own pharmacy are unmatched in our industry.

Where you do business can make all the difference in your success.

Identify a potential pharmacy location based on local economic outlook, regional competition and the costs of doing business.Team members include: Accountant: Identify and consult with a Certified Public Accountant who is knowledgeable about different accounting systems, retail bookkeeping, financing and taxes, especially one with current retail pharmacy clients.Legal counsel: Identify an attorney specializing in commercial and retail small businesses, preferably pharmacies.Features of this new edition include: The Web site will be updated periodically with new resources, including additional sample business plans.In the ever-changing health care industry, pharmacists are often presented with opportunities for expansion of their services or implementation of new programs, especially as concerns about the high cost of pharmaceuticals and issues of safety have greatly increased the demand for pharmacist involvement in patient care.Use these steps to help guide your selection process: Starting your new pharmacy requires a team of trusted experts.You’ll need financial support to ensure that your bottom-line issues are addressed, and legal support to ensure that your long-term interests are protected.The second edition of How to Develop a Business Plan for Pharmacy Services is now available.The book is designed as a tool to assist individuals in evaluating and creating pharmacy service proposals by promoting critical thinking in key areas through the use of selected, thought-provoking questions.It’s important to have insurance that covers you for traditional business liability as well as pharmacy malpractice.Franchise representatives: Being part of a regional franchise, such as Health Mart, can provide access to an array of services from automation to marketing tools.


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