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The Story Grid: What Good Editors Know – Shawn Coyne.A no-BS look at story structure for the commercial novel, including elements of Robert Mc Kee's breakdown.

‘The king died, and then the queen died of grief’ is a plot.”) La Chapelle chose this book for its “provocative, paradigm shifting essays from a wonderful fiction writer and literary scholar.” Baxter examines how storytelling in everyday life — like political spin or our tendency to anthropomorphize inanimate objects — affects one’s writing.

La Chapelle said “I have circulated at least four of his essays in my craft classes for years.” Zumas also enjoyed Baxter’s book and said it’s a regular fixture on the syllabi of her fellow writing teachers.

Once the concept of ‘scene' dropped for me, I was able to structure a story.

Here's my interview with Larry Brooks on the topic.

Story Engineering: Mastering the six core competencies of successful writing – Larry Brooks.

This was the book that helped me write my first novel.

Writing Down The Bones: Freeing the writer within – Natalie Goldberg.

I love Natalie's vulnerability and this book continues to help me when I feel like self-censoring.

“Everyone should have a Strunk & White,” said Guilfoile.

“I believe I own at least three copies and I suspect most professional writers have the entire text internalized.” Packard said, “Get your prose style down, at the level of the sentence, with the pithy wisdom contained in this book, not least of which is ‘omit needless words.’” With more than 100,000 entries along with usage and etymology for each, the Oxford English Dictionary is an invaluable resource for wordsmiths.


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