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In this essay, I will explore how Morrison represents landscapes as places of intimacy in The Bluest Eye, Jazz, and Paradise, uplifting the interior experiences of black women through narration in order to render place and community as subjective rather than objective.Portraying places with an intimacy that elevates subjectivity over fact, her settings are never indifferent or separate from the lives that they contain. I set out to explore colour symbolism in Toni Morrison’s 1970 novel The bluest eye.

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This characterisation of beauty is the basis for many of the African American characters in the novel to define their value and self-worth within society.

This leads Pecola to believe she deserves the abuse and neglect she experiences at home based on her self-perceived ‘ugliness’.

Society is willing to accept outsiders so long as this acceptance does not disturb the power relations within a society.

In Othello it is not until Othello and Desdemona’s marriage is revealed that it becomes apparent to the audience that society has not completely accepted Othello’s ethnicity as they feel threatened by his increasing power and his ability to disrupt the status quo.

The texts highlight how power can act as a disempowering force, ultimately resulting in the degradation of an individual to the stereotypical views, which societies hold.

Relationships define how individuals should act within their society either limiting, regulating or enhancing their role.

There is a strong appearance of the colours orange, yellow, white and blue throughout the work that have symbolic connotations and effects which portrays...

more I set out to explore colour symbolism in Toni Morrison’s 1970 novel The bluest eye.

Society’s ability to control the protagonist of The Bluest Eye, Pecola, similarly originates from her sense of self worth and value, which have been diminished by the dominant cultural ideal of beauty.

The relationships which link an individual to their society often act to the detriment of their sense of self worth and power.


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