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because of branch prediction schemes, we in this paper study the class of skewed binary search trees.

And on the other hand, it is not sufficient simply to choose the root so as to equalize the left and right search probabilities as much as possible, contrary to a remark of Delayed binary search, or playing Twenty Questions with a procrastinatorfree download Abstract We study the classic binary search problem, with a delay between query and answer.

For all constant delays, we give matching upper and lower bounds on the number of queries.

Secret pixels encoded into shares introduce noise to the halftone images.

We extend our Novel binary search algorithm of backtracking for RFID tag anti-collisionfree download ABSTRACT In RFID system, tag collision is a main problem for fast tag identification.

The improvements in the running time are on the order of 15%.

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We also present an efficient strategy for evaluating the change in computational cost as the search A lower bound framework for binary search trees with rotationsfree download Abstract This paper considers the problem of bounding below the cost of accessing a sequence of keys in a binary search tree.

We develop a lower bound framework for this problem that applies to any binary search tree algorithm, including self-adjusting and Combining truncated binary search tree and direct search for flexible piecewise function evaluation for explicit MPC in embedded microcontrollersfree download ABSTRACT Algorithms for efficient evaluation of general piecewise functions defined over convex polyhedral partitions are considered.

This is important, since in practice it may be easier to design a function which generates pseudo-random trees, than it is to design algorithms which generate perfectly balanced trees.

It is well-known that to minimize the number of comparisons a binary search tree should be perfectly balanced.


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