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There is lot more to it than simply trying out tough problems.The most common situation occurs when you encounter extremely tough questions like the Olympiad ones.There are lots of beautiful examples in it proving a great deal of nontrivial results by what are essentially elementary methods.

There is lot more to it than simply trying out tough problems.

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Visit Stack Exchange Hello, I would want all book tips you could think of regarding Problem solving and books in general, in elementary mathematics, with a certain flavour for "advanced problem solving".

An example would be the books from The art of problem solving, Engels book and Paul Zeits book.

The main problem with such books is that for slightly experienced problem solvers, this book probably does not provide a whole lot of information as to what needs to be done to get better.

For instance, for a kid who is in 10th grade struggling with math, this is a very good book.

Finding the right books for getting skills for problem-solving, innovation, creativity, design and decision making can be a daunting task – in the sea of books on these topics.

Over the years speed readers coming to my speed reading course have brought hundreds of books that they’ve picked from bookshops and libraries.

Also, The Art of Problem Solving and are message boards where olympiad contestants publish solutions from almost every contest in the world.

Art of Problem Solving also publishes special textbooks geared towards olympiad students such as this one on Precalculus. It covers more topics from algebra and analysis than I think are typically included in these books.

You need to know that as psychology is one of the greatest hurdles to over when it comes to solving contest problems.

Then you move on to "Thinking Mathematically" written by J. It has problems which are only few times too hard but most of the times, have just enough "toughness" for the author to make the point ONLY IF THE STUDENT TRIES THEM OUT.


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