Benefits Of Nuclear Technology Essay

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That said, nuclear power produces very inexpensive electricity once up and running.

That said, nuclear power produces very inexpensive electricity once up and running.Electricity generated by nuclear reactors is cheaper than gas, coal, or any other fossil fuel plants.

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According to the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), nuclear energy produces more clean-air energy than any other source.

It produces 62 percent of all emission-free electricity in the United States.

Local communities are, more often than not, pro-nuclear due to the amount of jobs and prosperity a new plant brings.

According to the NEI, one new nuclear plant creates 400 to 700 permanent jobs, not to mention thousands of others during its construction. This is comparable to just 90 jobs for a coal plant, and 50 for a natural gas plant.

This is plenty of time to find alternative sources (such as nuclear fusion, the holy grail of energy), if need be.

Nuclear power provides a vast array of benefits to the economy.

Disposal of radioactive waste, high up-front construction costs, and public safety are key factors that need to be evaluated.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the major pros and cons of nuclear energy.

After the meltdown at Three Mile Island in 1978 and the Chernobyl explosion in 1986, the nuclear industry fell dormant.

Quite a few plants stopped producing power, and the construction of new plants was brought to a halt. In the age of technology, energy demands are at an all-time high, and nuclear had to be looked at as a viable source.


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