Being Unprepared Essay

All BCCC students must take a test in math and English called the Accuplacer upon enrolling.

The standardized test is one of two used by most higher education institutions to determine students’ readiness.

“If we’ve been giving kids worksheets with simplistic answers for years,” she says, “and then get upset when they can’t write a five-paragraph essay or recognize subject-verb agreement, that’s not the kids.

That’s us.”Arriving on campus is no assurance of success for incoming freshmen who need basic writing courses but aren’t necessarily getting them.

Professor Stanley Fish says universities should rethink the political and ideological emphasis of most composition classes. he rightly suggests that “unless writing courses focus exclusively on writing they are a sham.”Fish became alarmed and curious about the poor writing skills his English graduate students demonstrated in their research papers.

Graduate students should write well, Fish reasoned, especially since they were teaching introductory composition classes to undergrads.We hear again and again that many freshmen lack the most basic skills to write clearly, effectively, and coherently because their working knowledge of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and paragraph structure is so poor.The Why Kids Can’t Write article reveals that Three-quarters of both 12th and 8th graders lack proficiency in writing, according to the most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress.Higher education institutions across the country are forced to spend time, money and energy to solve this disconnect.They must determine who’s not ready for college and attempt to get those students up to speed as quickly as possible, or risk losing them altogether.Thousands of similarly skilled young men and women are accepted into major universities every year—high school graduates whose writing abilities just aren’t up to par.I could continue filling your brain with testimonials and data and examples.At least 209 schools placed more than half of incoming students in at least one remedial course.At least 569,751 students were enrolled in remedial classes that year.But good writing, for many freshmen, may pose the biggest challenge of all.Professors want to see concise, coherent and well-reasoned writing assignments.


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