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Brentwood, a wealthy enclave between UCLA and the Santa Monica beach, is home to some of the earliest examples of modern architecture.Our apartment is on the second floor of a brown, two-story building just on the borderline between Brentwood and West Los Angeles.

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Contrary to popular belief, not even lemmings dive off cliffs. says what other nature series have omitted In the summer, Pacific walruses forage for shellfish in the waters between Alaska and Russia, before hauling up onto sea ice to rest and raise their young.

But in recent years, Arctic sea ice has been thinner and sparser. As these icy platforms have retreated, walruses have increasingly been forced to haul out onto solid land—in the thousands.

In the autumn of 2017, about 250 walruses in Russia, having climbed up to rocky slopes overlooking a beach, just walked over the edge. When these animals encounter hard surfaces, they to meet them, hauling their two-ton bulks onto floating pieces of ice. Haldane once wrote a famous essay in which he described what large falls do to progressively larger animals.

When they fall, they flop off those low platforms into the accommodating water. A mouse “gets a slight shock and walks away,” he wrote.

“It’s the worst thing I’ve ever filmed,” says Jamie Mc Pherson, a cameraman, on a behind-the-scenes video.

makes a point of saying what other nature series have not—the wonders they’re showing are endangered because of humans—and the footage is perhaps the most shocking part of a series full of discomfiting moments. The camera crews were filming from afar so their scents and sounds wouldn’t spook the skittish animals. What were walruses even doing on cliff tops in the first place?

Houses manage to encapsulate a sense of spareness and solitude in the midst of a city with almost ten million inhabitants.

I grew up a few miles south of Los Angeles’s famous east/west artery, Sunset Boulevard, down the hill from the types of celebrity homes that best demonstrate a classic Los Angeles aesthetic.

“We could hear tusks scraping along the side of the walls. We opened the door, and it was a wall of blubber.” The walruses gather “out of desperation, not out of choice,” David Attenborough says over the resulting footage. Under these conditions, walruses are a danger to themselves.” And so they climb “to find space away from the crowds.”As the walruses spread across the beach, some start heading up a shallow slope, which curves into a steeper escarpment, which eventually culminates in 260-feet cliffs.

It’s not an easy climb, but Kochnev suspects that once one group leads the way, the rest follow their scent.


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