Assignment 3

In this assignment, we challenge ourselves to predict whether a song will reach a spot in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Taking an analytics approach, we aim to use information about a song's properties to predict its popularity.

Knowing the competitive nature of the recording industry, record labels face the fundamental decision problem of which musical releases to support to maximize their financial success.

How can we use analytics to predict the popularity of a song?

The file name will be provided as a command line argument.

Each test file is a text file containing tweets of a news agency. All test files were downloaded from the Health News in Twitter Data Set.

You can also post general questions or ask for clarifications on Piazza, however, do not post your own source code.

You will design and implement a class for a customized Circular Doubly-Linked List named You will develop a program that will open and read the contents of an input test file.

The variables included in the dataset either describe the artist or the song, or they are associated with the following song attributes: time signature, loudness, key, pitch, tempo, and timbre.

Here's a detailed description of the variables: Explanation First, navigate to the directory on your computer containing the file "songs.csv".


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