Argumentative Essay On Studying Abroad

However, the opposite opinions state, according to Baffle (1991), " students compete for accommodation, making it difficult for home students to find places to live." But it will be ignored much easily, if we compare this negative effect with the huge benefits for local students.For instance, home students can learn the rich knowledge and creative ideas from their overseas classmates, which will enrich their experience of life and help them to understand the world.

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Because we can practise with the local people what we study at school, so it is very useful to improve our listening and speaking skills.

It also offer chances to discover the new cultures,way of thinking,history,customs and lifestyles.

However,everything has its advantages and disadvantages,so studying abroad is not an exeptation.

Introduction Outline: Studying abroad not only can benefit for International students, but also have much positive effect on the countries which admit these overseas students to the universities. A chance to have the further high quality education, and absorb new and advanced knowledge. (To feel the intercultural different between motherland and the country where they are studying.) ..more.

I think this is a good forum to help each other improving our language.

This is my essay about the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad. Thank in advance for your this is my essay below: When people's standard of living increase,they often think about improving their knowledge for a better life.As a result, we could neither study or gain beautiful experiences as we have expected.In conclustion, while studying abraod offers great opportunities for a better future,it also has challenges that we must try our best to overcome what happened to make our dream come true.To do that,they choose to study in developed contries where they can get progressive education.However,everything has its advantages and disadvantages,so studying abroad is not an exeptation. I think nothing is better than to learn language with the native speakers.This will benefit their competitiveness in job markets when they go back to their countries.Some people argue it that, as Lin (1986) says, "There is some doubt that the value and efficiency of studying in another language when, on return to this country, students have to work in their own language. Conclusion In the universities, as one of most important source of finance, overseas students need to pay expensive tuition fees as 3 to 4 times as local students.Futhermore, we have opportunities to study the new technologies and most recent science achivements.In addition, we are equipped with the valuaable and updated knowledge which may help us find jobs easily after graduating. We have to pay not only for our school fees but also for our living cost. Consequently, it distracts our mind from studying to earning money.Obviously, not only these overseas students will benefit from the experience of studying in foreign countries, but also they will have much positive effect on the countries which admit them.Firstly, these international students can have high quality education and share excellent educational facilities and resources with local students.


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