Aqa Creative Writing Gcse Mark Scheme

The higher tier enables students to achieve a level 4-9.The information below is the same for both Foundation and Higher tiers.

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The same applies to the use of codes (eg a picture of an eye to represent the Spanish word hay). The student may choose to ignore the bullet points completely. If there is strong evidence of the descriptors and/or the examiner had been considering the band above, the highest of the three would be awarded.

Visuals on Task Planning Forms are not permitted in June 2012 and beyond. If there is just enough evidence and/or the examiner had been considering the band below, then the lowest mark in the band would be awarded Students provide a fully relevant and detailed response with almost all information conveyed clearly and developed.

The piece with a title covering a range of topics which only mentions one of them (eg the title is School and Future Career but the student only mentions school ).

7 of 20 The piece which starts with a long preamble about the student which is not relevant to the title.

AQA GCSE Maths Paper 3: calculator33⅓% of the GCSE Mathematics assessment GCSE Maths Question Types There are many different questions types in paper 3, but these tend to be more varied than the other papers and contain more problem-solving style questions that require knowledge from multiple topics.

Mark schemes are prepared by the Lead Assessment Writer and considered, together with the relevant questions, by a panel of subject teachers.Good variety of appropriate vocabulary and structures used. The mark awarded for Range of Language must not be more than one band higher than the mark awarded for Content. The mark awarded for Accuracy must not be more than one band higher than the mark awarded for Content. If a mark is awarded for Content, this will inevitably lead to the award of a mark for Range of Language and for Accuracy. A student with the task Home, local area and special occasions who writes nothing about home area, for example, could be considered to have completed two thirds of the task.More complex sentences are attempted and are mostly successful. 1 Limited understanding of the most basic linguistic structures. If a mark of zero is awarded for Content, this will automatically result in a zero score for Range of Language and for Accuracy. The task and the scene-setting may seem blurred or merged together. See examples in Additional Exemplar Tasks: Controlled Assessment Writing and Speaking on our website within Example answers for your language at where the task and scene setting are clearly separated. The 5 of 20 piece could therefore be eligible for the band for Content, assuming the piece fulfils the criteria for that band in other ways.The AQA GCSE maths specification is made up of all the key topics within the mathematics curriculum.The examination is terminal and is made up of three test papers that each student must sit. The foundation tier enables students to achieve up to a level 5.AQA GCSE Maths Paper 1: non-calculator33⅓% of the GCSE Mathematics assessment GCSE Maths Question Types A mix of question styles appear in the exam, from short, single-mark questions to questions with multiple steps and calculations.The mathematical difficulty increases as a student progresses through the paper.Some variety of vocabulary and structures used, including attempts at longer sentences using appropriate linking words which are sometimes successful. Content Mark Marks for Range of Language Marks for Accuracy of 20 Assessment issues 1. This would still allow the student access to all mark bands for language. What if there is a significant duplication of material across the two pieces of work submitted? Incidental and occasional overlap do not count as duplication. What if it is clear the student s entire response is identical (ie exactly the same, word for word) to model answers in a textbook or to the wording of tasks from other students at the same centre? The quality not the quantity of work affects the assessment outcome words across both tasks if aiming at grades D-G, if aiming at grades A*-C, is for guidance only.Vocabulary is appropriate to the basic needs of the task and structures are mostly simple. Verb forms and tense formations are sometimes unsuccessful. Task Planning Forms (TPF) If more than 40 words have been used, examiners will ignore when awarding a mark, the parts of the student s response (ie the phrases or clauses) which use words noted on the TPF beyond the first 40. The work would be referred to AQA s Irregularities/Malpractice Department. Obviously, the shorter the assignment, the more difficult it becomes to meet the upper bands of assessment criteria for CONTENT (and therefore other categories). The whole piece will be read and marked by the examiner. How does the CONTENT mark affect the for RANGE OF LANGUAGE and ACCURACY?As preparation for standardisation each associate analyses a number of students scripts: alternative answers not already covered by the mark scheme are discussed and legislated for.If, after the standardisation process, associates encounter unusual answers which have not been raised they are required to refer these to the Lead Assessment Writer.


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