An Example Of A Narrative Essay

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I enjoyed the sound of my voice and the feeling it gave me.

When you feel blue, singing is the best way to deal with melancholy and depression.

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I was afraid she would reject me because I was a terrible amateur. It was absolutely natural for her that somebody would want to sing just for pleasure. However, she was strict when she knew I could do better.

She understood how important music was for one’s soul. The learning to sing was like learning to walk anew. It was like finding out that all your life you had some superpower and were not aware of its existence.

On my first lesson she sat at the gorgeous big piano and played a few ascending notes that I had to repeat. Even though I still don’t dream about singing professionally on stage, these lessons changed my life to better.

It is something so new and completely out of character in my routine life.

And I believed that learning to sing could teach me to be more brave and open with people, that it could cure my shyness.

About a year ago, I had to spend a week in a hospital, because of the badly food poisoning.


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