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Advanced Higher English Course Outline: 2014-15 Advanced Higher English Three Parts  Dissertation/Specialist Study (40 marks)  Creative Writing Folio (30 marks)  Literary Study Essay – Exam (30 marks) Advanced Higher English Dissertation/Specialist Study  A comparative analysis on texts of your choice (usually two or three novels)  Must be between 35 words  Worked on throughout year  Sent to SQA for assessment in April Advanced Higher English Creative Writing Folio  A variety of genres studied (e.g.Reflective, Short Story, Monologue for performance, Screenplay)  Worked on throughout year  Sent to SQA for assessment in early May Advanced Higher English Literary Study  Various texts studied in class from SQA set text list leading to one Critical Essay in exam  Drama: Othello and Antony and Cleopatra  Poetry: various works by Plath Advanced Higher English NABs  One NAB for each area of course  Passes needed in redrafted Dissertation, redrafted Creative Writing and one practice Critical Essay under timed conditions Advanced Higher English Refreshments  As mature students you may be offered light refreshments (i.e. Drama: Production Skills: In this Unit, students will focus on a study of at least one key theatre practitioner, and explore in depth the influences on the theory and practice of their chosen practitioner.

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The short essay will include research on the chosen text (texts for actors) and the processes used to reach their acting or directing or design concept for the performance. Actors — Actors should prepare two contrasting roles.

One role must involve interaction with at least one other actor and the other role must be a monologue.

The total time for both acting roles will be approximately 20 minutes, with the monologue lasting approximately 3 minutes.

or: Directors — The director will prepare to direct a substantial extract of their chosen text (i.e. For their performance assessment, they will conduct a rehearsal with actors from a textual extract of approximately 3 pages selected by the Visiting Assessor.

They will demonstrate their design concept for the play (this may be through the production of plans, drawings, designs, plot sheets, mood boards etc.); produce a scale set model and designs/drawings/cue sheets for the two additional production roles (props and set dressing, costume, make-up and hair, lighting, sound and/or media design).

They will be given the opportunity to present their work to the Visiting Assessor, and this should last approximately 20 minutes.

This means that considerable background reading is required for students to be prepared for both the theoretical and practical aspects to the work.

The course is thus a valuable one for those seeking to develop independent learning skills and smooth transition to higher education.

They will explore the role and craft of the actor, director, and designer through devised activities.

They will independently create a devised drama production, using their dramatic interpretation of source materials.


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