5 Steps To Problem Solving

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There are several parts to this leadership transformation process provided by Initiative One, including a personal profile assessment, cognitive learning, group sessions with real-world challenges, personal discovery, and a toolkit to empower leaders to perform at their best.There are really only two things stopping good teams from being great.

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Start by asking questions, challenging why something is the way it is.

Ask questions til you get to the real problem and this will often require you putting yourself in the shoes of other people, other stakeholders.

There's a lot to take in here, but following some of these methods are sure to improve your problem-solving process.

However, if you really want to take problem-solving to the next level, Initiative One can come alongside your team to help you solve problems much faster than you ever have before.

Working with open minded problem solvers will not only help you get a little uncomfortable and outside the box, they’ll help uncover creative new solutions that you never would have thought of otherwise.

And finally, as you start working with these open-minded peers – it’s important to make sure you put your ego to the side.

As a team leader/project manager, make sure everyone knows and implements their part of the solution.

Identify miscommunications and unexpected complications early – before they create drama and further setbacks.

Accepting these five steps an entrepreneur will be well on their way to being a problem solver and avoiding the death trap of paralysis by analysis.

By focusing on being a problem solver, the fear of making the wrong choice is removed.


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